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About us

Our foundation is three words: custom, cutting-edge, and client-centered.


Our motto is to listen to you. We invest in your recovery, health and well-being.

We have over 20 years of experience treating our patients using hands-on techniques, implementing exercises, utilizing cutting-edge modalities and equipment, as well as implementing traditional therapeutic approaches including acupuncture and cupping. The technique used is always based on the necessity to achieve our clients goals.

The health profession is constantly evolving. No specific treatment is good for everyone. Injuries of the same nature sometimes respond well to time-tested hands-on techniques and at times it requires the use of an advanced modality or a technique. We have highly motivated therapists always looking at different avenues to help our clients. We are proud to say that we have introduced cutting-edge equipment for the first time in British Columbia.


At JEEVA, we believe that your body is your most precious asset.

Being physically healthy is the foundation for a balanced family, social, financial, and spiritual aspects of life. Our priority is to set a GOAL for a treatment outcome, that is both reasonable and practical and build a custom treatment plan around your goal and implement both time-tested and innovative treatment approaches centered around you.

We always think outside the box.